Concealer Ideal Blur

The Eyeconic Mousse eyeshadow collection!

Discover the magic of mousse eyeshadows with stunning, shiny finishes and become a beauty icon. Mousse eyeshadows offer a spectacular, […]

Nevelties enfolding your skin

Discover AFFECT facial makeup products designed in the care of your complexion. Skin Booster Hydrating Face Serum Base– intensive care […]

Współpraca Affect&Ruda Maluje.

AFFECT&RUDA MALUJE Eyeshadow Palette

Create your own story of beauty with the latest eyeshadow palette. The grand premiere of the palette took place on […]

Beautyworld Middle East Cosmetic Fair

As a brand, we focus not only on building a strong position in the Polish cosmetics market but also boldly […]