09 / 02 / 2024

The Eyeconic Mousse eyeshadow collection!

Discover the magic of mousse eyeshadows with stunning, shiny finishes and become a beauty icon.

Mousse eyeshadows offer a spectacular, multi-dimensional effect. They will allow you to enhance the beauty of your eyes whether you're looking for a subtle sparkle of everyday makeup or aiming to create a striking evening look.

The mousse texture makes application incredibly easy and enjoyable. You can use a brush or apply them with your fingertips. This makes achieving your dream makeup look a breeze.

The innovative, vegan formula based on water allows for multiple uses:

  • On their own - creating a light, multi-dimensional sparkle perfect for everyday wear;
  • Combined with other eyeshadows - as a colorful and illuminating base for intricate eye makeup;
  • To finish off your makeup - adding an extra layer of brilliance.

Thanks to their extended durability, you can experiment and create unique makeup looks that will remain flawless for hours.


Every makeup artist and makeup enthusiast will love these light, trendy shades:

E-0001 Icon

The most uniform shade, a subtle pearl in an elegant pale pink hue.

E-0002 Blink

Spectacular sparkle with silver and white sparkle particles, the most transparent shade.

E-0003 Glam

Sparkle formula with embedded gold particles in a transparent base.

E-0004 Super Star

Multi-dimensional semi-transparent shade with particles of pink, peach, and silver.

E-0005 Allure

Multi-dimensional shade with a copper, peach, and gold sparkle, wonderful for autumn.

E-0006 Fame

A sparkle formula with a light burgundy base hiding gold, silver, and even green particles, the most dimensional shade in the collection.

Eyeconic Mousse Eyeshadows (3)
Eyeconic Mousse Eyeshadows (2)