A perfectly smooth complexion, full of healthy and youthful radiance. The IDEAL BLUR collection will conceal all imperfections and discolorations. The smoothing foundation Ideal Blur will fill in wrinkles and creases, while also hiding pores. Smooth and flawless skin with the IDEAL BLUR collection!

Concealer has a lightweight formula that looks beautiful under the eyes. It quickly and easily spreads on the skin, and additionally, it does not gather in creases or emphasize skin texture.

It is long-lasting and very efficient. Just one drop is enough to cover dark circles and imperfections.

The collection has been divercified with the smoothing powder, which you've loved! The loose powder Ideal Blur improves the skin's texture and visually reduces even deep wrinkles. The powder provides a matte finish; after application, the skin is noticeably soft and velvety, additionally, it does not create a mask effect.

The collection includes loose powder, smoothing foundation, and under-eye concealer.

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