14 / 02 / 2024

Nevelties enfolding your skin

Discover AFFECT facial makeup products designed in the care of your complexion.

Skin Booster Hydrating Face Serum Base– intensive care in one step

Intensively caring base with serum properties. Improves the condition of the skin through intense hydration and nourishment. The formula rich in care ingredients will wrap your skin, giving it complete relief. It prevents water loss and strengthens the protective barriers of the epidermis, leaving the skin nourished and soft to the touch. Suitable for all skin types, especially dry and dehydrated.

- innovative ultra-moisturizing formula

- intense skin nourishment

- light, non-burdening consistency

- reducing the visibility of pores and wrinkles

- alleviating irritations and redness

- strengthening the skin's protective barrier

- extends the durability of makeup


Make-up Fixing Gel Primer – a strong base for your long-lasting makeup

A gel base that will ensure perfect preparation of the skin before applying makeup and will effectively extend its durability. Ideal for those who like light, quickly absorbing formulas.

Gives the effect of rested, radiant skin. The vegan formula enriched with peptide, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and cranberry and grapefruit extract will provide your skin with comfort all day long.

- light gel consistency that is easly absorbed

- perfectly prepares the skin for makeup

- provides the skin with a healthy and perfect appearance

- the rich properties of the base will add radiance to the complexion

- gives the effect of a healthy and radiant complexion

- extends the durability of makeup

Best Matte Covering Foundation - flawless complexion with a matte, velvety finish

Foundation with an innovative formula combining perfect coverage with a natural, velvety finish. It has a light, oil-free formula that helps even out the skin tone, hide imperfections and reduce skin shine. It ensures a smooth and flawless complexion and a long-lasting matte finish for up to 12 hours without mask effect.

-long-lasting matte finish for 12 hours

- combines coverage with a naturally velvety finish

- ensures the effect of a uniform and naturally radiant complexion

- has a light formula that blends with the skin

- leaves a long-lasting effect of comfort

- optically reduces facial wrinkles

- it’s resistant to heat and humidity

- suitable for all skin types