One of the iconic AFFECT products - brow styling soap.

Do you have unruly eyebrows that are difficult to shape?

Brow Me brow soap will perfectly style and set even the most unruly brows. Using the soap is incredibly easy, and the effect you achieve will last all day!

The laminated brow effect is one of the most popular makeup trends. Styling the brows aims to set them in a specific position or shape. Some opt for permanent makeup, others for brow lamination or styling in salons, but most of us look for ideal products for everyday brow styling.

Additionally, in the AFFECT range, you can also find products to enhance their shape and colour: pomade, pencil, and the Colour Brow Collection eyeshadow palette. The eyeshadow palette is an iconic product that every makeup artist should have in their kit! The palette contains 10 shades, which are colour-matched to every complexion. Additionally, they have a firm formula that looks natural on the brows.

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