We are a Polish brand producing makeup cosmetics of professional quality at a friendly price.

Our journey began in 2015 in Bielsko-Biała, and today our products are available in over 20 countries on three continents. AFFECT cosmetics are a gift from professionals to makeup enthusiasts - long-lasting formulas, pigmented colors, precise applicators, and nourishing ingredients that nurture the skin. Our range includes a wide variety of cosmetics that allow you to achieve a complete makeup look at the highest level.


The founders of Affect, Agnieszka and Beata, are entrepreneurial women, between whom the spark of professional fascination appeared already at the first meetings when they organized workshops, training sessions, and cosmetic shows. Drawing from personal experience, industry knowledge, conversations with makeup artists, and other women, they knew well what Polish consumers were missing. They decided to establish a modern brand that would be technologically innovative and meet dynamically changing needs.

Beata proves that a humanities education is essential in running a company, taking care of creative aspects, seeking novelties, and overseeing packaging design, while Agnieszka, as an economist, is responsible for sales and finances. Affect is a feminine company with family values, where a passion for beauty and family go hand in hand. Beata and Agnieszka are mothers of adult daughters, which inevitably influences their work. They mutually inspire, support each other, and together create increasingly newer products that become must-haves in the makeup bags of conscious women looking for excellent cosmetics at a reasonable price.

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The founders of the AFFECT brand, Agnieszka Kuśnierz and Beata Łysoń-Dobrocińska, were brought together by friendship and a shared dream of creating their own cosmetics company, whose high-quality products would meet the needs of modern women. At the core of the brand from the beginning were not only business principles but above all, the desire to support women in expressing themselves and seeking their own beauty. AFFECT emerged from the combination of a passion for cosmetics and the creative ideas of professional makeup artists.

It's not a secret that the brand Affect is created by women. The founders, Agnieszka and Beata, along with many others who form a cohesive team behind the scenes. How from your perspective does working mainly with women look like, what are the advantages in this situation?

It's true! Being the essence of femininity, the Affect brand attracts exceptional women who bring immense value not only through their skills but also through who they are as individuals—their personality, worldview, creativity, sensitivity, and emotionality. While being female has never been a requirement for recruitment, our female team is undoubtedly our strength, and we love the energy that prevails within the team. Women engage in their work with their whole hearts, approaching each project holistically. They have a talent for building great relationships with the company's partners and clients, as well as a profound understanding of our customers' needs. An additional advantage is having a team of testers who provide honest feedback on our new products before they ultimately reach the hands of users.


Creating the brand, we adopted a very important principle: that makeup is our feminine, artistic form of self-expression, not a mask under which we hide ourselves!

We create cosmetics that enhance feminine beauty while simultaneously concealing certain imperfections so that each of us can feel beautiful every day, in every situation, adding courage to our daily actions and challenges through makeup.

Femininity to us is a beautiful energy with a wide spectrum of possibilities; we adore it for the diversity that it brings. On one hand, it's subtlety, sensuality, sensitivity, elegance, and sophistication; on the other hand, it's courage, dynamism, and creativity in juggling our superpowers and the ability to encompass reality while maintaining work-life balance. We strive to draw from our feminine resources every day and, at the same time, as a brand, to be an inspiration for women in discovering the beauty of their femininity.