The exceptional GOLDEN PRO collection features beautiful, elegant, golden packaging that will enchant everyone! Don't let the "PRO" name of the line mislead you because the products have a softer pigmentation compared to the traditional collection - NEW WAY.

The products contain nourishing ingredients that were added to care for our skin and give it a vital appearance. Pressed products have a delicate fragrance (the bronzer has a fragrance note of coconut).

  • Lipsticks with matte finish have a velvety texture. They nourish the lips with their nutritious ingredients.
  • Bronzer available in two shades: Havana and Brazil. It will revive pale and colourless skin, giving the face a rested appearance.
  • Blush available in two shades: Rouge Dream and Always on the Rouge. The pressed blush contains nutritious ingredients that will also care for our skin. The blush will liven up the skin and give it a fresh and healthy look.
  • Highlighting powder with its lightness ensures a subtle glow effect. The presence of particles gives the skin radiance, a vital appearance, and additionally reduces wrinkles.
  • Highlighter available in two shades, inspired by the lights of a city with a vibrant nightlife. Highly pigmented, it creates layers of reflecting, opalescent particles on the skin.