Get to know our star up close!

Beautiful packaging hides 12 shades including your favourite mattes, known for characteristic of us high pigmentation, and new formulas of shimmering shadows. You can gently dab the shimmer shadows with your finger to achieve a sparkling, multidimensional effect, or apply them wet or over a base product, creating a stronger shine.

Don't be fooled by the rich and strong colour palette inspired by the Middle East; we guarantee that with this palette, you can also create a beautiful, light everyday look.

If you're a fan of our cosmetics and want to enrich your collection with versatile shades that you can use on your eyes and lips or your clients, don't wait!

They say the desert shimmers with different colours throughout the day. That's why in the Desert Wonders palette, you'll find warm, neutral, and cool shades, gold, copper, champagne particles, whatever you want.

Create bold makeups or light everyday looks; thanks to its diverse colour range and formulas, Desert Wonders is one of the most versatile palettes!

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Desert Wonders Collection
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