09 / 02 / 2024

AFFECT&RUDA MALUJE Eyeshadow Palette

Create your own story of beauty with the latest eyeshadow palette.

The grand premiere of the palette took place on January 12, 2024, in Warsaw. The palette was created in collaboration with makeup artist Monika Wyrzykowska @RudaMaluje - the winner of the 1st edition of the Best Make Up AFFECT AWARDS in the Creative Star category.

The event in Warsaw was divided into two parts: the premiere of the latest Day&Night palette and the announcement of the winner of the latest edition of Best Make Up AFFECT AWARDS II. During the event, we hosted many well-known makeup artists and influencers.

The palette features 8 shades in neutral colours.

Inspired by the latest global trends, the palette features two modern shimmers that create a sparkle of shimmering particles, we guarantee that you will love the effect. The six mattes delight with their pigmentation and tones, which are matched to every complexion.

They emphasize the shape of the eyelid beautifully. Subtle nude shades combined with the extravagance of shimmers have created a balanced palette that can be used for both everyday and evening makeup looks. The palette refers to the Yin and Yang. The symbols of the campaign are sun and moon, which we perceive during day and night, hence the name of the palette  - Day to Night.

The Yin energy refers to femininity, which is responsible for motivation and inspiration. Thanks to the hard work of @rudamaluje, which she put not only into creating visual content such as beautiful photos and videos, but also into creating meticulously thought-out makeup looks that are always carefully created with care to every detail.

The Yang energy stands out with empathy and great sensitivity. The theme of the palette is two cosmic energies, the sun (yin) and the moon (yang). These motifs can be found on the PR packages received by influencers as part of the promotion of the latest product, the Day to Night palette.

The harmony between the sun and the moon is important, which is why the palette contains organized, thought out shadows that create harmony. We can easily transition from a daytime makeup created with mattes to a beautiful, elegant evening makeup.

Współpraca Affect&Ruda Maluje.
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Profesjonalna paleta cieni do oczu.
Makijaż oczu, paleta cieni w odcieniach uniwersalnych.